Personal Enhancements


Believe in yourself and you can conquer all you want! We give you an overview through our look book customized followed by your image evaluation. Creation of versatility in clothes by clustering them together in addition to a fresh collection to the wardrobe makes getting ready fun.

We believe that style is more about just being yourself. We sample out clothing that you’ll be more comfortable in as well as trendy. Keeping that in mind, we offer customized packages like Conquering Corporate, College Ready, Traveller’s Buddy, Homemaker’s Image Maker and Entrepreneur’s Blueprinting.

Corporate Image Building


We simplify the process of recruitment for you. MBIC will ensure quality selection that is to uphold the company’s prestige. We pay close attention to new recruits and focus on training them to reach their highest potential. We make sure that we applaud the hard workers and get your attention to the slackers.

The motto that we follow is holistic growth among all rather than concentrated growth among some. MBIC conducts regular workshops that promote soft skills among the workers at all levels as the requirement for soft skills has been increasing with the rapid increase is transparency and communication.

Luxury Brand Management


We provide assistance in the use and manipulation of attractive sales displays and retail floor plans to engage customers and boost sales activity. Aid in this activity helps the brand increase its standing in the market. Great projects require the highest quality output at every stage.

Quality control starts and ends with training and this is what we plan to provide. We strive to help you attain a position that is grounded in sophisticated facts that represent you in the best light possible. It will be our job to ensure quality while maintaining your integrity.

Academic Courses


Just like life, success is a journey. At every step, it brings surprises that make the dream come true moment possible. Through various anecdotes we help students to bridge the gap between Campus to Corporate. This interactive session will give the students what it takes to shine in the corporate world and be the hero in their success stories.

Our unique programs help students to cope with various issues while adulating. Good Touch Bad Touch, Personal Hygiene, Career Counselling, Motivation, Confidence Building and Career Counselling are some core concepts we help curious kids cover in play way methods.

Group Workshops


Our group workshops are customized after studying the roles and goals of the organization or individual in question. Planning to meet up with friends and want to learn something exciting with your girl gang? Book a Style Date to break the fashion myths and have a stylish day full of fun and lots of style secrets!

Group workshops are designed to cater to people who’d like to know about their body & face shapes. Quick fixes, makeup transitions from day to night look and all about the theory to make up for all levels of corporate and creative is what Mihika will also guide you through.

Corporate Workshops & Seminars


The workshops include image management, the reason why your staffs need training, how and why it would help them. It involves the need for image management in the corporate scenario. We will provide you with a detailed analysis on how, what and why to wear a specified garment. Does that particular garment suit your personal colors and style? What material or fabric to choose?

We will show you what look you will be wearing every day, starting with accessories, makeup and essential elements required for the corporate scenario. We will guide with corporate etiquette right from dining manners, communication, basic mannerisms in the corporate scenario.